Audit Supply chain – Conflict Minerals – Supply Chain Risk Management

Martello Risk has developed a new approach to risk management in response to the complex challenges facing today’s mineral extractive industries. Reduced demand globally and falling commodity prices have increased the pressure to cut costs. It’s a tough trading environment – one that requires a totally new way of thinking about and mitigating risk. Our model takes a broad view. We focus on reputational, political and physical risk and ways to improve profitability. It’s a unique solution tailored to meet the needs of an evolving industry.

We are a leading provider of independent third-party supply chain audits. By determining the real provenance of minerals and their conflict status, we provide you with assurance of mind. Our highly experienced team works with a wide range of clients in a variety of sectors who are obliged to carry out due diligence on upstream suppliers. We are just one of three independent auditors accredited by the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region. Martello Risk has the knowledge to give peace of mind by bringing clarity to even the most opaque parts of your upstream supplying process.


The purpose of the ICGLR Regional Certification Mechanism is to provide for sustainable conflict-free mineral chains in and between Member States of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region with a view to eliminating support to armed groups that sustain or prolong conflict, and/or otherwise engage in serious human rights abuses. The standards and procedures described by the RCM are intended to prevent state and non-state armed groups and public or private security forces from interfering illegally at any point along the supply chain or committing serious human rights abuses related to the supply chains of minerals.

See – Regional Initiative against the Illegal Exploitation of Natural Resources