We have unparalleled experience of all aspects of the Kimberley Process 
Certification Scheme. One of our directors ran the implementation of the
 Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, funded by the European Union, in

This included improving administrative and industrial 
transparency, chain of  custody  procedures  for  all  rough  diamonds 
from  mine  to  point of export, the audit of  production  trails,  the 
collection of  royalties, the design of nationwide sensitisation 
programmes, the  training of government officials, the 
construction of facilities, the management of equipment and
 technology, the design of logistics  programmes and the development
 of legal frameworks to safeguard  the KPCS in Liberia

Another director participated in the development of the KPCS itself, a
consequence of his leadership in international advocacy regarding
conflict diamonds in the late 1990s. Building on this firm foundation,
we are able to offer a comprehensive pre KP Review assessment assisting
 countries with the identification and resolution of any issues that may
 weaken their KPCS.

We also have extensive expertise in the forensic audit of diamond stock,
 particularly those held by companies in areas subject to KP vigilance 
alerts, typically in countries experiencing political instability and/or
 internal conflict.

Certification in Progress
Certification in Progress