Strategic Parters

Berwick Consultants

Strategic Partners

Berwicks provides services that enhance an organisation’s resilience through developing personal leadership and management skills, implementing crisis management processes, reviewing plans and developing organisational structures.

Events such as the Japan earthquake, Fukushima, Euro-zone instability, Deepwater Horizon, tsunamis, the collapse of several large financial institutions, avian ‘flu, extreme weather, volcano eruptions, Buncefield, Three Mile Island and various terrorist attacks highlight the need for strong leadership, clear decision-making, the right plan and appropriately prepared personnel to ensure your organisation’s survival. Berwicks will work with you to achieve this.


Strategic Partners

Uniquely we apply a comprehensive approach to corporate risk management drawing on our experience in implanting strategy in complex, dangerous and difficult environments.

We fuse strategic planning, political, developmental, security and commercial expertise in our highly experienced senior team