What We Offer

Martello Risk is a business intelligence, risk advisory, litigation support and supply chain auditor. Our clients include blue chip global corporations, governments, regional security bodies, law enforcement agencies, global law firms and investment banks, private equity houses, private individuals and family offices.

We provide advice to clients operating in challenging markets and in the developing world. We enable them to understand complex issues and enable them to address opportunities and threats in markets affected by political, social or economic volatility, conflict and poor governance. We guide them through complex legal and regulatory disputes in multiple global jurisdictions. We provide guidance and support for complex reputational issues and often resolve issues before they become potential threats.

Through our subsidiary offices in Asia, Central, West and Southern Africa we provide the rapid ability to provide accurate and detailed information on numerous complex issues and can deploy highly effective teams into the field to get to the source of any given issue.

Our highly experienced network of analysts and investigators have decades of field and policy experience which when combined creates a highly informed and credible information base in order to make informed decisions on which affect the bottom line.

Combined with our trusted senior advisors who have a wealth of senior industry and government experience we are able to provide our clients often with unique perspectives and informed advice on a multitude of complex regulatory, political, financial and security related questions.

Cumulative Experience

Our decades of cumulative experience in frontier markets has enabled us to build an extensive network of highly informed contacts at every level from grass roots to the upper echelons of government. This enables us to gather intelligence and assess political risk in real time as events unfold on the ground, day-to-day, week-to-week.