Alexander Yearsley

Managing Director

From 1997-2009 Alex was Head Of Special Projects for Global Witness conducting field and forensic investigations into the illicit trades in natural resources and weapons across Africa. At the same time, he campaigned successfully for legislative change in both Europe and North America to improve the accountability of international mineral and timber markets. He has also worked closely as a consultant to a number of United Nations agencies, Interpol and the Special Court for Sierra Leone.

Dr Caspar Fithen

Operations Director

With over twenty years’ experience working on the political economy of extractive industries in conflict-affected areas, much of it undertaken in the field, Caspar is an internationally-acknowledged expert on the management of natural resources, particularly within the alluvial and artisanal mining sectors, and the establishment, management and audit of supply chains and chains of custody concerned with both minerals and timber.

Philip Stockdale

Sales & Business Development Director

Philip has over 30 years professional and leadership experience gained in senior management, sales and business development roles in a number of areas including consulting, technology, software and startups.

He has held senior roles in Thales UK, Energy Solutions International, AGT International and Transmitton providing a range of consulting services and software solutions into Domestic and International markets across Energy, Oil & Gas, Mining, Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Nuclear, Utilities, Automotive, Transport and Cities.

Jamie Murray


Jamie is a specialist in strategic crisis management in various arenas including: nuclear energy and weapons, oil and gas, banks, hedge funds, insurance companies and government agencies, assisting to evolve and develop their crisis management plans, processes and leadership.

He has been instrumental in the development of many crisis management plans and processes. He is particularly expert in the human aspects of the process, focussing on decision-making and effective communications. Recently he has been involved as principal consultant in the UK government’s review of the regulation of the nuclear generation industry.