Alexander Yearsley

Managing Director


From 1997-2009 Alex was Head Of Special Projects for Global Witness conducting field and forensic investigations into the illicit trades in natural resources and weapons across Africa. At the same time, he campaigned successfully for legislative change in both Europe and North America to improve the accountability of international mineral and timber markets. He has also worked closely as a consultant to a number of United Nations agencies, Interpol and the Special Court for Sierra Leone.

Dr Caspar Fithen

Operations Director


With over twenty years’ experience working on the political economy of extractive industries in conflict-affected areas, much of it undertaken in the field, Caspar is an internationally-acknowledged expert on the management of natural resources, particularly within the alluvial and artisanal mining sectors, and the establishment, management and audit of supply chains and chains of custody concerned with both minerals and timber.

Philip Stockdale

Sales & Business Development Director


Philip has over 30 years professional and leadership experience gained in senior management, sales and business development roles in a number of areas including consulting, technology, software and startups.

He has held senior roles in Thales UK, Energy Solutions International, AGT International and Transmitton providing a range of consulting services and software solutions into Domestic and International markets across Energy, Oil & Gas, Mining, Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Nuclear, Utilities, Automotive, Transport and Cities.

Jamie Murray



Jamie is a specialist in strategic crisis management in various arenas including: nuclear energy and weapons, oil and gas, banks, hedge funds, insurance companies and government agencies, assisting to evolve and develop their crisis management plans, processes and leadership.


He has been instrumental in the development of many crisis management plans and processes. He is particularly expert in the human aspects of the process, focussing on decision-making and effective communications. Recently he has been involved as principal consultant in the UK government’s review of the regulation of the nuclear generation industry.

Catherine Ceresa
Catherine Ceresa

Business Development Director


Shortly after completing degrees in Cultural Anthropology and Linguistics at Duke University, Catherine began her humanitarian pursuits as a United States Peace Corps Volunteer serving in Thailand. Following her Peace Corps service, she honed her interest in Corporate Social Responsibility by earning two post-graduate degrees from the University of Denver: a Masters Degree in Conflict Resolution and Diplomacy (Korbel School) and an International Masters of Business Administration (Daniels School) focusing on Sustainable Macro-Economic Development. Catherine joined a start-up in California that catered to major electronics manufacturers, where she offered sustainable supply chain solutions to multi-national corporations. Subsequently, recruited her in 2015 as a Risk Manager for the World Wide Sustainability team, where she built their first global Conflict Minerals Program and eWaste Management System. In addition, she co-founded the Circular Economy Team and developed products for Supply Chain Transparency that are currently purchased and implemented by hundreds of major retail brands worldwide.

Les Moskovitz
les Moskovitz

Lead EMEA Advisory


Les has almost 4 decades of hands-on experience and expertise operating in numerous countries across Africa, at all levels of Government and commerce, and in Europe and the Middle East doing business with people who share the same values of ethics, integrity and transparency.

Throughout the 4 decades and the trusted relationships built, Les created channels of problem-solving and a careful balance of creativity and logical thinking whilst demonstrating his expertise in communications, implementing innovative solutions and proven resilience across a wide cross section of industries. These led to added-value services provided such as supporting efforts in commercial disputes, asset tracking & recovery, in-country operations for due diligence, assessments, investigations, cross border deceptions and litigation support.




Christine Gordon has twenty years experience of working in the field on the diamond pipeline, from mines to trading and cutting centres, in a total of twenty countries. She has been involved in the Kimberley Process since 2001, when she was working for the United Nations as the diamond expert on the UN Monitoring Mechanism during the Angolan Civil War.




Emma Irwin is a mining sector governance and social responsibility expert, with over 15 years experience in countries including Mali, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia in West Africa. She has most recently been working with the World Bank on Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) implementation in Myanmar (Burma) and in Guinea. Prior to that she worked as a minerals governance adviser in Afghanistan’s Ministry of Mines, providing support on various governance and policy issues including reviewing and updating the ASM formalisation strategy.

William Lloyd George



William is an accomplished business and political risk analyst with a diverse range of international business and cultural experience. He has provided political risk analysis for governments, blue chip companies and large NGOs.

His analysis has also been published in TIME, The Economist, The Guardian, Foreign Policy Magazine as well as other international journals. 

Orton Kiishweko



Orton Kiishweko has specialized as an investigator/ private risk management consultant for the last 13 years in Eastern and Southern Africa (SADC, EAC and COMESA countries).

For over 13 years, he has assisted clients in the UK and North America overcome risks and communications challenges in Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia, Madagascar, DR Congo, Burundi and Malawi in the extractives industry, pharmaceuticals, intelligence support, fraud investigations and due diligence.

Roberto Sollazzo



is an international expert in Natural Resources-related risk analysis and mitigation with 15 years of field experience in transitional, post-crisis and developing contexts. A PhD in African History and Politics, he maintains collaboration with the Department of African studies at the University of Naples Federico II. In 2015 he was one of the peer reviewers of the report commissioned by the OECD to the Global Initiative on IFF and Criminal Economies in West Africa.

He previously served five consecutive terms (2013-2017) as a United Nations Security Council Expert reporting on the effective implementation of UN-imposed sanctions. In this capacity, he unveiled the details of mineral and non-mineral smuggling networks from Côte d’Ivoire and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to end-user markets.

Andreas Silverbridge


Andreas is a former Military officer with the Swedish Commandos Amphibious Corps. With years of successful supervision and leadership experience he possesses the strong ability to meet tight deadlines even under significant pressure. He has held a variety of senior military positions which demanded the highest levels of security and organizational ability from weapons program procurement to systems management to acting as the security liaison officer for the Swedish Royal family.


Senior Advisor


Amjad Rihan is a credible and trusted name in the field of fighting financial crime, specifically within the Precious Metals trade. His strategic advice and analysis is regularly sought by authorities, the private sector, intergovernmental organisations, reputable international development agencies and NGOs. He assists major media outlets in complex matters related to financial crime, such as money laundering in the Precious Metals trade.

Senior Advisors
Karr McCurdy
Karr McCurdy

Senior Advisor


Karr McCurdy has over 40 years of geologic and project development experience combined with a background in executive management, finance, and technical advisory. He is a Partner of Rock Elm Capital, a commodities-focused alternative investment fund. Karr was CEO of minerals industry advisor Behre Dolbear and served as global head of mining and metals for Standard Chartered Bank and Citigroup. He has completed over 200 transactions valued over $100 billion and has personally visited hundreds of development projects and operating sites throughout the world. As a geologist, he helped discover and develop the world-class Pueblo Viejo gold mine in the Dominican Republic. Karr earned an MBA from Thunderbird and a BSc (geology) from the University of Michigan.

Gerard Holden

Senior Advisor


Mr. John Gerard Holden has been an Advisor of Rockbury Services Inc/ (Private) since January 1, 2008. Mr. Holden served as the Managing Director and Global Head of Mining & Metals at Barclays Capital from January 1, 1999 to May 31, 2006 Mr.Holden has more than 20 years’ experience in finance, 15 of which he was financing projects in the commodities sector. His experience ranges from acquisition, corporate and project financing to bond issues and advisory assignments.

Sir Richard Shirreff OBE

Senior Advisor


Sir Richard Shirreff was NATO’s Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe between 2011 and 2014.  As a member of NATO’s strategic command group and deputy to NATO’s US strategic commander, he was responsible for close engagement with a wide range of stakeholders: allied and coalition nations, international and humanitarian organisations, NGOs and theatre commanders in the implementation of strategy. Under the Berlin Plus Agreement between NATO and the EU he was also the Operation Commander of the EU Operation in Bosnia-Herzegovina for which he redesigned the strategy, reporting to the EU Policy Security Committee and EU Foreign Ministers.

Emma Priestley (BEng, CEng, CRICS) 

Senior Mining Advisor


Emma has a background in mining and financial services having worked with mining companies and consultants, IMC Mackay & Schnellmann, investment bank CSFB, advisers VSA Resources, Ambrian Partners, where she worked as corporate broker and adviser, and most recently as an executive director of Lonrho Plc until its successful takeover.

Emma is a graduate of Camborne School of Mines, is a chartered Mining Engineer and Chartered Mineral Surveyor.

Berwick Consultants

Strategic Partners


Berwicks provides services that enhance an organisation’s resilience through developing personal leadership and management skills, implementing crisis management processes, reviewing plans and developing organisational structures.


Events such as the Japan earthquake, Fukushima, Euro-zone instability, Deepwater Horizon, tsunamis, the collapse of several large financial institutions, avian ‘flu, extreme weather, volcano eruptions, Buncefield, Three Mile Island and various terrorist attacks highlight the need for strong leadership, clear decision-making, the right plan and appropriately prepared personnel to ensure your organisation’s survival. Berwicks will work with you to achieve this.


Strategic Partners


Uniquely we apply a comprehensive approach to corporate risk management drawing on our experience in implanting strategy in complex, dangerous and difficult environments.

We fuse strategic planning, political, developmental, security and commercial expertise in our highly experienced senior team